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  • Custom Wheels and Tires at The Truck Stop in Decatur IL

    If you truly want to give your vehicle some flare and make it stand out from all the others on the street, consider getting your wheels and rims replaced at The Truck Stop. We know the importance of the wheel and rims and will help you every step of the way when selecting these after-market parts. When it comes to rims, there are a few different materials that rims are composed of. The first is steel. This is a cheap and effective material to use to create wheel rims. The second kind of wheel rim used is an aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy rims provide a balance of weight, strength, durability, and cost. After you pick the component you want your rims to be made of, we can customize it with a wide range of colors and finishes. After you select the color and component of the rims, it is time to select the wheels.

  • Wheels are the glue that holds your tires to your vehicle. Wheels also allow your car to move forwards and backwards when driving. Your wheels also play an important part when it comes to your vehicle’s handling, braking, alignment, acceleration, ride quality, and calibration of your speedometer. A few things to remember when selecting after-market wheels are:

    • Make sure it fits the wheel wells
    • Ensure the wheel matches your bolt pattern
    • Make sure there is an abundance of tire selection for your new wheels
    • Make sure the wheels do not rub anything. Test it by turning left and right

  • From town to Off-Road tires in Decatur IL

    Once you selected both the rim and wheels you want, it is time to select the actual tire that will go on that wheel. The right tire can make all the difference in the world when it comes to what you want your vehicle to do. If you are going to drive in town, then you want a tire that will be able to handle a well-paved road. If the off-road is more your style, then an off-road tire with better treads for mud and gravel is what you will want. Here at The Truck Stop, we offer a wide variety of tires and different brands of tires for our clients. Our goal has always been to match the proper tires with your new wheels and help keep you rolling safely and efficiently down the roads you travel every day.