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  • Window Tint is More Than an Accessory in Decatur IL

    Many people believe that window tinting is just an accessory used to keep some mystery with your vehicle. There are five key benefits to window tinting that people do not think about all the time.

    The first benefit is UV ray blockage. When a client gets their windows tinted, the tint can block out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. We recommend this for any client that drives a long way for work. The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause cancer for anyone, but 53% of skin cancer starts on the left side, that correlates with long drive times. The second is fade resistance of the interior of your vehicle. The same harmful UV rays to humans can also harm the interior leather and vinyl of your vehicle. The third is heat rejection. Using window tinting a person can block anywhere from 35-65% of the heat that the sun’s rays produce in your car. Blocking out all of the heat means less use of your A/C and better climate control inside your vehicle. Fourth is the protection from shattered glass. The tint acts as a barrier from oncoming debris while on the road and protecting your windshield from being smashed. Last is that mystery of what will be in your car. When you tint your windows, it makes it hard to see what is inside of your vehicle. The Truck Stop can tint your vehicle and your home. We offer 5%, 20%, 35%, and 50% tint of your windows.

  • Remote Start in Decatur IL

    When you come to The Truck Stop, one accessory that is sought after is a remote starter of your vehicle. When you purchase a remote starter and have it installed by The Truck Stop, you can then start your car from comfort during any condition.  Just imagine being able to start your car when there is snow and ice all over it.  Then when you are ready to leave, it has all melted away. Then in the summer, you can cool off your vehicle before you leave.  We offer three different brands of remote starters: Python, Viper, and Avital.

  • Audio

    When you drive down the road, do you drive in silence? Most people will say no. Most drivers use some sort of audio speaker system in their vehicle. The Truck Stop offers state of the art audio equipment from today’s top brands. With all these after-market speakers, The Truck Stop will professionally install every audio upgrade for you. Here are a few options:

  • • Door Speakers
    • Sub-woofers

  • • Amplifiers
    • Stereos

  • • GPS Navigation
    • Satellite Radio